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Bee Wisdom - Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

  • Hive Design 127 West Main Avenue Gastonia, NC, 28052 United States (map)

Nature's hive is a bustling center of activity. Every bee has her task which she diligently works to perform to the best of her ability. Yet, if you observe a bee throughout her busy day, you will see her stop what she is doing to help each her brother or sister. Her action might be to chomp a mite of a drone or fan an aging queen. While the bees are focused on doing their work well, they are always conscious and courteous of their community.

Taking the time to slow down and acknowledge each other is critical in our world. A "like" on Facebook or a prompted birthday wish is not real connection. True connection comes when we slow down and take the time to witness another person, especially when they have taken the time to witness us with a gift or kind deed.

Take a moment to slow down and join Merryman for a morning where we will learn to write the perfect thank you note. We will enjoy tea, treats, and a lively discussion. Participants will receive a 20% discount on stationery purchases the of the workshop.