Weston Farms Classic Parris Mini Bouquets (Set of 8)

Weston Farms Classic Parris Mini Bouquets (Set of 8)


Find the best of Creative North Carolina in the Hive! We are thrilled to partner with Erin Weston of Weston Farms to deliver the the most glorious greenery in the state!  

The magnolia selected is a variety cultivated at Weston Farms because the leaf combines dark, lustrous green leaves with an undercoat of warm brown velvet. These indispensable decorative elements can be used as small gifts, accent pieces or grouped together in bowls, vases or urns. Additionally, they can be layered to create garlands on mantels, tables or other surfaces.

In 2002, Erin relocated from NYC to her home state of North Carolina to become a farmer.  In Erin's words, “My vision was to grow a unique, enduring luxurious product on my family farm. I sold my first creations at a local farmer’s market and grew the business from there,”  Each year the product line has expanded and to date more than 10,000 trees have been planted at Weston Farms. The quality, abundance of materials, unique ingredients, and design has dazzled local markets, national interior designers, and presidential florists alike.  

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