The Hive Design Team


Merryman Cassels

Merryman is the Owner and Chief Designer here at the Hive. As a Charlotte native and long time resident of Gaston County, Merryman is well known in the local business and arts community.

Merryman received her BFA from The University of Georgia and served as Former Art Director of Southern Home Magazine and recipient of a Gold Ozzie for Best Regional Redesign of a Magazine in 1991 before founding the Hive in 2014.

Her accomplishments and contributions within the community are many so we will just highlight a few active commitments here. Merryman is involved with Keep Gastonia Beautiful, a member of the Gaston County Beekeeper’s Association, behind the Bee City, USA initiative for Gastonia, NC, Beetopia Chairman and Astrologer at Flow Astrology.

In addition to being an accomplished Graphic Designer, Merryman is the mother of two, a passionate dog lover and enjoys making jewelry.

Fun Facts about Merryman:
Favorite color: Pink
Star sign: Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, Sag Rising
Little known fact: Merryman is a professional Astrologist!
Favorite part of working at the Hive: She love, love, loves making the porcelain and wants to start pouring it right here at the Hive.


MArty Current

Marty joined the Hive team as Manager in December of 2017 and has been an invaluable addition. A passionate Gastonia native, Marty welcomes all who enter our doors and makes sure everyone feels right at home in our studio.

After graduating Lenoir-Rhyne University in 2012, she worked for Townsquare Interactive, PSNC and Abercrombie before coming to work with us here at the Hive. We are so lucky to have her!

Marty shares a deep commitment to community through her engagement with the Gaston County Jaycees, as an Ambassador to the Chamber of Commerce, and through active member of Meyers Memorial United Methodist Church. In addition to her community involvement, Marty enjoys playing with her two Huskies and watching movies with her fiancé Steven.

Fun Facts about Marty:
Favorite color: Blue
Star sign: Aries
Little known fact: She has two tattoos.
Favorite part of working at the Hive: Marty loves connecting with our brides!


Kelsey Turner

Another Gastonia Native, Kelsey is a Designer here at the Hive and comes to us straight from Gardner Webb University, where she received her BA in Graphic Design in 2019. This jack of all trades has worked as an office assistant, photographer, retail associate and can make a mean cup of coffee from her days as a barista!

Kelsey is very creative and loves to draw, paint, sew and do basically anything that allows her to be creative. As a newlywed, she enjoys spending time with her husband Ethan and her dog Enzo. 

Fun Facts about Kelsey:
Favorite color: Mustard Yellow
Star sign: Pisces
Little known fact: She can say the alphabet backwards and in a past life she was married to Elvis Presley.
Favorite part of working at the Hive: Kelsey loves working on interesting details like unique patterns on the back of an invitation.


Jim James

Quiet, but ever present, Jim James is a rare talent. Much of what we produce here at the Hive passes through Jim’s hands. If you can think it, He can make it! Wether it’s creating seed embedded paper products, woodworking, sandblasting glass and porcelain or hand painting our gilded porcelain items, Jim is an integral part of the team and our process.

Jim's professional past included putting motorcycles back together. That just goes to show how his mind can explore all of the smaller details in one fine piece of work.


Connie Jones

Yet another Gaston County Native, Connie is our in house framer. Connie brings 35 years of framing expertise after serving Gaston County and the surrounding area’s framing needs through her business Art’s Desire which has previously been located at the Gaston Mall, Hoffman Road, New Hope Road and now here at The Hive.

The marriage of her frame services with our other bespoke offerings has been a good one and we are thrilled to have Connie with us at The Hive.

Fun Facts about Connie:
Favorite color: She love ALL colors!!!
Star sign: Scorpio
Little known fact: Connie wanted to be a doctor or a nurse when she grew up.
Favorite part of working at the Hive: Engaging with customers and working with our awesome team!